Brexit in the UK is a messy divorce that half wanted, and half did not. I was very much on the side that was against it. I believe that once you strip away the rules, regulations and the piles and piles of front line politics what you are left with is people being forced to talk things out.

Having an obligation to talk is a powerful thing, it forces us to have the conversations we would rather not have. The western world seems to be moving in the direction that we are better off alone. I believe this to be wrong.

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Is Brexit a good idea? As John Oliver said, “Maybe Brexit is a great idea. There’s absolutely nothing to suggest that”.

So why did I rebrand to anenglishman? It’s simple, I had already made the name and logo before this whole soap drama became a thing. It comes from clients introducing me as “this is Chris, he’s an englishman”. My reply would reflect my English upbringing and I would apologize for it.

I am proud to be anenglishman in Europe. I am pro European. I am pro collaboration. We are better off together!